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Mandurah Mustangs History

In 1927 the local fisherman of Mandurah and other young men of the community formed a footy team. Their first ground was where the Mandurah Primary School is today in Hackett Street. With the help from others in the community they cleared the bush-land and built their first football field.
When a new oval was needed the Eacotts offered their property where the Mandurah High School is now situated on Park Rd, and another football field was developed. When this land was needed for development a 3rd oval was made possible through Hobart Tuckey. A new oval was created this was located on Fremantle Rd, behind where the Mai Jing Chinese restaurant is now situated. A few years later this land was also needed for development, and so the team needed to move once again. The Sutton brothers another well-known family of the Peel region made their property in Halls Head available to create yet again another oval. The following article was written in the Country News Section on 5th June 1931.
            'The newly formed Mandurah Football members held a dance recently to raise funds for
             material. At a meeting the following officers were elected. Sir Ross McLarty MLA; Patron, 
              Mr Hobart Tuckey JP; President, Mr W G Thomas; Secretary, Mr Don Powell; Captain. 
              Practices have started in Mr Tuckey's paddock in Fremantle.'
In the late 40's the club had to find another ground and so in the early 50's Mr Cyril Rushton head of the Mandurah Road board found an acreage now known as Rushton Park. Mr Jack Scott cleared the area with his bulldozer, and Bill Hough with his access to trucks and graders along with the rest of the community created the new oval. The sheds on Sutton's oval were pulled down and re-erected on the hill at Rushton Park. 
The club won their first premiership in 1949 while playing in the Murray District Football Organisation. In 1959 Pinjarra and Mandurah joined the South Suburban Murray Football League. In the first year of joining Pinjarra took the flag the following year Mandurah won their second premiership under coach T. Archibald . They were successful again in 1972 under Coach John Garnaut. 
The football club is now part of the Peel Football League their premiership wins since joining this league have been in 1993 where all three grades Colts, Reserves, and League won. The league side also won the premiership in 1995.They won all three grades again in 2003.
The club has recently celebrated its 80th year and also the 10th and 20th year anniversary of the 3 premiership wins.
The following quote is from Sandra Muir (Tuckey) family member of Hobart and Dudley Tuckey
                ' It is noticeable that clearing and building 5 football ovals and club houses in
                 Mandurah and all without any financial assistance from the Mandurah or Murray
                 Road Boards we feel that we have earned our home in this community here at
                 Rushton Park.' 
Dated: 26/7/2013

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